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14 Apr 2014

3 Ways Allergies Can Cause Sinus Pain in Teeth

Tooth Pain The maxillary sinuses are located at the root tips of our upper molars, which just so happens to be a very sensitive area. Therefore, its no wonder many people with allergies experience sinus pain in teeth, especially their upper teeth. The body naturally produces excess mucus to rid the body of allergies but… Read More »

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18 Mar 2014

How & Why Women Develop Gingivitis During Pregnancy

With levels of the hormones estrogen and progesterone being secreted in greater concentrations throughout pregnancy the result can have a variety of effects on a woman’s body — gingivitis during pregnancy  being one of them. This is an unpleasant condition assumed to be a natural consequence of the many hormonal changes during pregnancy that can affect… Read More »

25 Nov 2013

3 Reasons Snap On Smile Can Give You the Smile of Your Dreams

So many people today are insecure about their teeth and with braces being an expensive, unattractive option they may feel stuck. Luckily, after years of extensive research and development, Snap-On Smile is available from your dentist as an alternative. For some this has been life changing and for the majority it has sent confidence soaring…. Read More »

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28 Oct 2013

3 Ways For Kids to Avoid Cavities This Halloween Season

When you think of Halloween, nothing is scarier to a parent than the aftermath from the sugary candies and treats. While all candy is not necessarily harmful, it’s always best to take precaution to avoid dental damage and decay. Here are three tips to help keep you and your family cavity-free this Halloween season. LIMIT… Read More »

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25 Sep 2013

Elements Dental is the “Talk of the Town”

Elements Dental is honored to receive the 2013 Talk of the Town News Customer Satisfaction Award.  Boasting a 4-star rating, Elements Dental is recognized by the Talk of the Town organization as having exemplary customer service and an outstanding reputation in our community. Talk of the Town researches consumer-review websites, blogs, social networks and business… Read More »

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25 Sep 2013

4 Ways to Overcome Your Fear of Going to the Dentist

Does the thought of a routine dental appointment fill you with dread?  Relax, you’re not alone—an estimated 75% of adults fear dentist visits.  Perhaps they recall a bad childhood experience or they’ve watched a bit too many fictional horror movies.  No matter what the reason, the staff at Elements Dental prides itself on being responsive… Read More »

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13 Aug 2013

3 Ways that a Healthy Smile Can Help You Stay Healthy

If you read many dental websites, you’ll quickly learn that oral health contributes to overall health. It’s actually pretty amazing just how important your mouth is to your well-being.  We thought we’d take an opportunity to share some insights into three lesser-known benefits of healthy smiles. A clean smile can help you live longer Most… Read More »

01 Aug 2013

5 Great Reasons to Smile More Frequently

  Does your driver’s license photo look like you brawled with the DMV staff minutes before the picture was snapped?  Do you frequently walk around looking like you just posed for your mug shot?  If your default facial expression is a frown, perhaps it’s time to consider that smiling more often will do your body… Read More »

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